Tuesday, June 22

“the line circles almost two whole blocks.” – PoPville

5th and E Street, NW

Thanks to Liz for sending from the judiciary square testing site: “the line circles almost two whole blocks.”

On the topic of testing, another reader asks: “Are there any Rapid (COVID Antigen) testing locations that aren’t hundreds of dollars or require you to show symptoms?“:

“With the holidays around the corner, I had a cousin ask about Rapid Testing for COVID (Antigen) as they will be driving through the area after Thanksgiving. I did a little research on my own, but looking at AbbottLabs, Preston’s Pharmacy and a few others, these seem to be at least $150-200 minimum. For some of the hospitals, it seems like you need to be showing symptoms to be eligible for the rapid test. Has anyone been successful using their insurance to pay for rapid tests not at GW, MedStar, etc.? Does anyone know if there are any less expensive options around the area? I know we are in a very good spot with PCR tests as my friends in many other states are having issues just getting access to a free COVID testing location without symptoms.”

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