Friday, March 5

VIRUS TODAY: Vaccine poll results, vocal anti-mask sentiment – Associated Press

Here’s what’s happening Wednesday with the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.:


— A new poll captures the mood of Americans about their willingness to get t he COVID-19 vaccine, and the results show many people are skeptical. About one-fourth of U.S. adults say they won’t get the shots, and another quarter are unsure.

— Even as the death toll soars, mask resistance remains high – and very vocal – in communities around the nation. Protesters are not shy about showing up at the homes of county officials as they consider mask mandates and virus-related business restrictions.

— The ongoing negotiations in Congress over a relief package have advanced the idea of $600 in direct payments to many Americans.

THE NUMBERS: The U.S. is averaging 206,000 new confirmed infections each day over the past week. Deaths are averaging more than 2,200 a day, and a record 104,000 people were hospitalized as of Tuesday.

QUOTABLE: “I still see people out here that will tell me that they don’t believe it’s any worse than a common cold.” — Dr. Stephen Neabore, a physician in South Dakota.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The 2020 tax season is just around the corner, and filing your taxes is complicated because of the craziness of this pandemic year.

ON THE HORIZON: A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel meets Thursday to discuss whether to authorize the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use.


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