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Massachusetts Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker – The Boston Globe

With a limited supply of vaccine doses, almost seven million residents, and some hesitation among specific communities, Massachusetts’ long-awaited end to the COVID-19 pandemic feels within reach, but we’re not there yet.

When the state announced the rollout plan, its goal was to vaccinate 2 million people by April, and the remaining, up to 3 million people, by June. However, as of mid-January, only about 206,000 residents have received their first doses.

The two drugs — one produced by local company Moderna, another by Pfizer and BioNTech — hold the promise to quash the pandemic, which has claimed more than 13,000 lives in Massachusetts since March 2020. However, there are significant barriers to getting each and every resident over the age of 16 vaccinated: production delays, shipping delays, and storage requirements for each drug once they have arrived in the state. Not to mention, polls show that groups like Republicans, churchgoers, and Black and Latino residents are somewhat reluctant to take part in the vaccination program.

The interactive graphic below tallies the number of vaccinated residents. It also zeroes in on demographic groups, showing what portion of the state and its sub-communities are being vaccinated, compared to others.

Use the tool below to see what portion of different demographic groups in the state have been vaccinated. This tool will be updated as more data becomes available.

See who has been vaccinated:

<!– Choose here –>All of Massachusetts

Seniors (70 years old +)
Adults (50 – 69)
Adults (30 – 49)
Adults (20 – 29)
Children and teens (0 – 19)

Native, First Nations, Indigenious, Pacific Islander, and other



Healthcare workers
Essential Workers


Massachusetts residents vaccinated out of from this group.

= 10,000 people

Source: Commonwealth of Massachusetts; last updated: 1/7/21. Values in visual rounded to nearest 10,000th

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